Basketball Album

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to make an album for our school's varsity boy's basketball coach.  I was super excited to take on this project, and I completed it in only one week! The album is about 26 pages front to back, but the season is still in progress, so more pages might be added later on.  Here is a look inside of the album:
A picture needs to still be added in place of the sticky note.
The read more tab pulls out with the rest of the article. 
I left the journaling blocks empty so the coach's wife could fill them out.
I left quite a few pages like this for more articles to be added as the season progresses.
Another picture needs to be added in place of the sticky note.
The last page is just a page for the coach's wife to add pictures and journaling as she pleases.

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  1. this turned our fantastic jordan! the perfect team album for a coach! that is so cool, that you put the time into creating such a meaningful gift for him!