The Carolinas

My family and I spent the 4th of July week in South Carolina.  We spent a few days in Charleston and a few days in Folly Beach. On our looooong drive home (18 hours), we stopped at the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.

About a week before leaving, my mom and I took a photography class with the amazing Donna Boucher.  We learned so much and were really excited to apply our newly-learned skills to our vacation pictures.  Right after the class we went straight to the Camera Company where I got my new 50 f/1.8 lens that I absolutely love. I am proud to say that I shot 99% of my vacation pictures on Manual mode.


  1. Dear Jordan,
    Thank you for letting me know you had your pictures up! Oh my goodness, you are so talented and doing so well!I LOVE the pier at night. That's stunning! I adore the cupcakes. Love the Rita shot. My fave is the close up of your little sis? And the blurry church steeple is very nice. The pink house is also a favorite. Love the angle, the composition and exposure! And I love the toe shot and your self portrait!

    You should be proud of yourself!!! Wow.

    Don't you love the 50 1.8
    People are always thrilled with those prime lenses because of the wide apertures and how sharp they are!!! I'm glad you got one!

    Thank you again for sharing with me.
    So happy I was able to help you.


  2. I think your photos are absolutely stunning. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I especially love the pink building and flowers shot, great composition and looks brilliant! Love the angle you shot it from. Keep up the great work :)