monthly merriment: march.

I was inspired by Dear Lizzy's monthly merriment photos, so I decided to take a few myself.  For my monthly merriment, I photographed things that make me happy right now. I have bright colors and spring on my mind!

-Floral skirt (Target)
-Nicki Minaj Pink Friday CD
-reminiscing our trip to Hawaii
-PB teen catalog
-braided fabric from a project I'm currently working on
-bright colored pencils and pens
-buttons and fabric flowers
-Hershey's kisses
-flower earrings (Charlotte Russe)
-bright beads


  1. Hey it wont let me email you. but ive been tryin to find a teen scrapbooker, like me but i couldnt find one. i typed in google teen scrapbooker and you came up!:) i was looking on youtube for one to watch. you should deffinaly go on youtube cause theres people like me that are looking to watch teen scrapbookers but cant find any. i think its soo cool that i found you! im into scrapbooking to. please write back!

  2. you ca email me back at